Absention - Train Interior Flythrough Video

Hi everyone,

Here's a fly through video of the train interior just showing some added polish and animation.

Over the next few weeks I'll try and get some screens of another unseen environment to you all.

All of this is working towards a gameplay video so keep checking back!




Absention Film Announced!

Enzo Tedeschi's Deadhouse Films Acquires Film Adaptation Rights for Absention Game

Rob of Dream Wave Games here,

I'm excited to announce we're partnering with Enzo Tedeschi (creator of independent horror film The Tunnel, and the upcoming sci-fi Airlock) and writer Mike Jones (Wastland Panda and The Transgressions Cycle) to develop a tie-in feature-length film of Absention!!!!!!

This will be a complementary narrative to the game and combine together for something truly unique for both horror movie fans as well as gamers.

You can view the full online Press Release HERE.



Trailer Music Now on Soundcloud

The music from the teaser trailer is now on Soundcloud after many people requested it.

The music was composed by Christopher Yabsley and you can check this and his other music here: https://soundcloud.com/christopheryabsley